Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God wants more....

After you read this "click" on the title phrase >> God wants more above.

God wants more of Him to be present in you. He wants for you to not trust in yourself and lean on your own understanding of what you "FEEL" is right, or what you "THINK" is right. He can provide you with His joy and His peace and His understanding, however, none of this can be obtained by us trying to please Him and obtain His joy, peace, and understanding ourselves. We must rely on His Word (The inspired Word of God 2 Timothy 3:16-17). Does anyone really, I mean really, think about this now, really think that we can be effortless and pleasing to God at the same time??? What are you successful at that requires no effort??? How about your marriage (if your married, at least 3 years)? Does that require effort? How about parenthood (if your a parent or as I call us, "Babysitter for God")? Does that require effort? I hope that everyone will take the time to really think (I can't stress the thinking part enough) about how Holy God is and a Holy God must carry out discipline and correction on His children for their continual disobedience to His Word. And yes, we must know the Word in order for us to know how to be obedient to what is written in it. Come on that is common sense!! Too many "CHRISTIANS" think that they are OK with God, or God is OK with them, however, they are not reading His Word (hindering God's inspired Words from entering into their minds), and they are not on their faces crying out to Him for direction (speaking to God through prayer). Now let's think again, what relationship do you have that is healthy and loving where you don't speak to that person and they never speak to you???

The BIBLE says that we are to lay down our lives to follow after JESUS (Luke 9:23-24). That is laying down how you feel about a situation, laying down what you think is OK with God, laying down your own understanding of how loving God is (many say that God is loving I am a good person so...yada yada yada BULL CRAP!!), when you hear, feel, think or read ANYTHING, your next step is to go to God's Word and align what information you have come across with His Word. God gave us His Word and it is sufficient to provide us (humanity) with the answer to every question that we need an answer for while we are living here on this planet. Apart from JESUS we are seperated from God and will always be. JESUS said why call me LORD LORD and not do the things that I say (Luke 6:46), and let's THINK, how can we really know what JESUS says to do without reading God's Word??

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