Thursday, August 13, 2009

God help me deal with these emotions...

It can without a doubt be tough when you are isolated from the world. When you really stand up and make a decision to live out loud for Christ and make it known to all that you will stand up both in your actions and in your verbage for the infallible word of God. Have you ever felt left out? When you just wanted someone to acknowledge you and/or notice you in a group setting. Not because of your attraction to this individual, I talking about you simply feeling unloved or insignificant or unimportant. Welcome to Christianity!! What am i talking about? Well when you are not apart of the world because you are living for a eternal livelihood by being dead to yourself and your selfish desires and alive in Christ alone, your considered an outcast. You are not of the world therefore when the aquantances that you see everyday conversate and carry on and laugh and mingle, your left out, on the outside looking in. Why? Because you have made it know what the word of God says and made it known that God does not approve of the behavior that they are engaged in, and that has made you a foe. Made you a hater, or a bigot. As far as they're concerned you are not a loving person, you are against them and they are aware of it. They acknowledge you, but you are without a doubt misunderstood, they acknowledge you as YOU. Do you understand? Christianity isn't about you. It is about CHRIST!! It is natural to have the feelings of loneliness, however, Christ was both fully God and fully man, the only one of His kind ever before His time or after His time, He knows loneliness. If you truly are denying yourself daily and taking up your cross to follow after Him (Luke 9:23) you will be isolated from the world, you will be lonely, you will be misunderstood (1 Corinthians 2:14) because you are living a life that is Spiritually lead in a physical world that does not understand spiritual things. This world will tell you to get popular and noticed and rich and famous, while the Gospel of peace involves you relying on Christ and promoting Christ both in action and word by the grace of God for the glory of Christ. The only part you play in Christianity is willingly getting out of the way so that Christ can lead.

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