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6 Things to do About Obesity.....

Pastor, You’re Probably Fat: 6 Things to Do About It
John CatanzaroN.M.D. - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

editors note: see this post on April 23rd 2010 ( "Health Is A Heart Thing" ) for a more introductory dealing with health.

There are simple rules when it comes to the fat vs. fit argument: fat is simply unhealthy, and fit is the standard we should live by. It is impossible to call fat fit or healthy. *

Our bodies that God has blessed us with are to be cared for with respect and honor.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”

Here are 6 simple rules to follow:

1. Reject Your Fat

The first step to overcoming obesity is to not tolerate it. Do not excuse it. Do not comfort yourself about it. Do not rationalize it with your reasons, whether emotional, spiritual, medical, or genetic. Say to yourself, I am fat and I need to get rid of it!

2. Recognize Your Eating Patterns

People don’t get fat for just any reason. They respond to all of their cravings, and eating discipline doesn’t exist. Over-eat and you will become fat. This may not happen in a week, but it will happen. The law of physics applies; if you continue growing fat cells, they will extend everywhere and invade every inch of your body. Obesity leads to early death, but fitness extends life.

3. Stop Hiding Behind Religion

The very evidence of fat in a person’s life demonstrates that there are some spiritual areas that need attention regarding compulsions and lazy behaviors. Hiding behind your Christian faith (or fat) by saying what matters most is that you are growing in your spirit is an insult to God when you fail to address an area of life that matters to God. God is faithful and will point out the sin that causes the fat to exist in the first place.

4. Take Action

The call of the Christian is to constantly be engaged in spiritual warfare. Anything that insults the work of Jesus Christ by our bad behavior is sin. Excusing compulsive bad habits that lead to obesity can further a person’s sinful habits or behavior. God’s grace will break the heaviest of all chains. Stop stalling and take action! Find a health coach and remain accountable until this bad pattern is broken.

5. Cut Your Food Intake By Fifty Percent

Cut your calories by 50% and get them from wholesome food. Eat more green vegetables and quality protein (fish and organic sources of meat). There are wholesome weight reduction programs that include excellent food choices and assist in changing the negative hormone behavior. When a person is fat for a long time the body forgets how to metabolize fat and needs help. I would recommend you see a qualified doctor who can assist you with this.

6. Fitness Must Be Your Motto

Fitness is hard work. Fitness and Christianity complement each other. A fit Christian is a healthy Christian. Fitness of spirit, mind, and body are essential to honor and glorify God with this mortal body. Fitness requires daily commitment, and there isn’t room for excusing the need for it. This is part of your action plan! Fitness for life should be your pledge to God as an expression of respect, honor, and worship.

* Editors note: The following was removed by the administrator to help clarify the article and address the main issue:

There is no excuse for being fat. It is not a disease in and of itself, but it can contribute to diseases that afflict the body, mind, and spirit.

A person cannot call themselves spiritually fit if they excuse the fact that they are fat! If you are fat, regardless of the reason, your fat is a poor testimony of what Christ is accomplishing in and through your life.

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