Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WOTM Witnessing Clip....

Ray Comfort has been given a gift from God to share the gospel biblically.... Watch this video and think about how many things that Scott says that would have side-tracked you from effectively sharing the gospel.... As a matter of fact, as you watch, you will see how the conversation starts as a joke to Scott and at about the 3:54 mark of the video, it will become evident that the "joke wall" that Scott has put up throughtout the conversation is now down and his conscious has been awakened. Scott begins to open up and reveals some of the scars that exist in his life.

Way of the Master has helped me to strive for this moment in each conversation that I have with others about the gospel. Many times people say things to be cute and funny and you never make it to the place of what I call, "a real conversation". But once you arrive at that "real conversation", you will know it. Thanks Way of the Master for your commitment to God and His word.

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